MMG 892 (sec 004) - Evolutionary Dynamics and Modeling

1 credit, Dr. Bjørn Østman Tu 2:10-3 pm in BEACON, 2235 BPS
Students will choose papers from the literature to present various computational and mathematical methods of modeling evolutionary dynamics. Topics may include selection, mutation, recombination, genetic drift, adaptation, speciation, fitness landscapes, quasispecies, cooperation, game theory, structured vs. unstructured populations, etc.

Fall 2011 Schedule

Sep 13 Brenda The shifting balance theory and macroevolution Sewall Wright
Sep 20 Luis Price equation George R Price
Sep 27 Usha Global patterns of speciation and diversity Speciation
Oct 4 Sherif Modeling Evolutionary Dynamics of Epigenetic Mutations in Hierarchically Organized Tumors
Extra: Cancer as an evolutionary and ecological process
Oct 11 Anne A Population Genetic Theory of Canalization Canalization
Oct 18 Leann Cluster conservation as a novel tool for studying protein-protein interactions evolution Proterin-protein interaction
Oct 25 Aritro Measuring the Evolutionary Rewiring of Biological Networks
Extra: Transposon-mediated rewiring of gene regulatory networks contributed to the evolution of pregnancy in mammals
Network evolution
Nov 1 Evin Differential selection between the sexes and selection for sex Evolution of sex
Nov 8 Bjørn Impact of epistasis and pleiotropy on evolutionary adaptation Epistasis
Nov 15 Brian Connelly Resource Abundance Promotes the Evolution of Public Goods Cooperation Evolution of cooperation
Nov 22 Leann + Luis Nowak and Sigmund (2004), Traulsen & Nowak (2006) Evolutionary game theory
Nov 29 Usha + Anne Yang and Nielsen (2000), Xie et al. (2011) DNA evolution
Dec 6 Evin + Aritro Wilke et al. (2001), Wilke (2005) Quasispecies
Dec 13 Brenda + Final Exam Parsons et al. (2010) Population genetics

Final exam with answers